Additional Services


Vinyl Top Clean

From $24.95 (Plus Sales Tax)
Vinyl Top Conditioned $8
Priced according to condition and type of top.

Clay Block/Overspray Removal

Priced per vehicle (Plus Sales Tax)
Removes imbedded contamination from new and used vehicle paint surfaces. Clay block will remove paint overspray, rail dust, brake dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, asphalt and other environmental contaminants that adhere to paint finish. It smooths and prepares the vehicle’s finish.

Headlight Rejuvenate

$59.95 per pair
Lenses foggy, discolored, looking old …
Make them look new again.
Includes one year warranty from date of service.

Rim Cleaner & Polisher

From $49.95 (Plus Sales Tax)
Make your rims shine. We will clean, polish and buff your rims so they look brand new. Includes Eagle Wash.

Carpet Dye

Priced per vehicle
Chlorine, Kool-Aid, grape or any other stains on your carpet. This application will be done by appointment only.

Ozone Sanitizer

Place inside and enclosed in your automobile.
Easily and quickly eliminates molds and mildew in air conditioning ducts, bacteria, tobacco odor, body odor, pet odor, pesticides, urine, and vomit. Pollutants are oxidized and permanently removed, not covered up.
Includes Birdie Wash.


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